Krispy Kreme Hot Light R&D

There are fewer more iconic signs in corporate America than the Krispy Kreme Hot Light. For generations of donut lovers, it has served as a beacon of freshness and quality for young and old alike; and a significant driver of traffic and revenue for store operators.

Today, more than fifty percent of the neon Hot Light signs, across the world, are broken or not correctly illuminating; resulting in missed customer interactions and lost sales. The neon components that light these signs are expensive to maintain, take a long time to repair, use excessive amounts of electricity and are facing increased municipal regulation and restriction.

Krispy Kreme had tasked multiple vendors with creating an LED alternative. The problem was, an LED didn’t exist that matched neon’s brightness and legibility. Krispy Kreme brought in Anchor Sign to find a solution.

The Anchor Research & Development team worked with an LED manufacturer to create a custom LED module just for Krispy Kreme that was bright enough to replace neon. But that was just the beginning. Anchor designed a cabinet and face structure that would maximize the lumen output, yet reduce energy consumption.

The new, Next Generation Hot Light sign is brighter, easier to read, uses less electricity, and costs far less to maintain. Krispy Kreme estimated they’ll reduce maintenance costs $800,000 annually and save another $2,800,000 in energy costs each year.

And, Krispy Kreme’s customers will benefit from knowing that the donuts are hot and fresh!

The Benefits

  • Over $2,800,000 saved annually on energy costs.
  • Reduced repair costs $800,000 annually.
  • Anchor Sign achieved an LED solution for Krispy Kreme which increased signage visibility, reduced energy consumption, significantly reduced costs, and provided a favorable Return on Investment (ROI) for both Krispy Kreme and their franchise owners.