Meijer Signage Cost Savings

At Anchor Sign, we help clients achieve significant signage spend savings through our focus on value engineering. Our approach to value engineering is all-encompassing. By this, we consider every aspect of open innovation for a project both during design as well as manufacturing. For instance: we ask, how will our value engineering impact CAPEX spending for our client? Will it enhance the client’s branding standards? How will the innovation affect the life cycle of the sign, awning or architectural element? How will it impact serviceability when maintenance crews are repairing it? Our R&D team, production teams, graphic designers and account managers, as well as a host of others, are involved to ensure that the proposed innovation truly benefits the client.

Meijer, a Midwest headquartered, big-box grocer is an Anchor client whose exterior sign package features large sets of channel letters as well as sizeable freestanding pylon signs for their stores and gas stations. During our first year as Meijer’s exterior signage vendor, the Anchor Sign team reviewed every aspect of their signage design and manufacturing, including pylon face construction, LED specifications, and channel letter depth.

From this comprehensive review, we created a detailed pricing analysis for Meijer showing the potential savings. Finally, to ensure brand integrity, we manufactured and delivered to Meijer corporate headquarters for review, full-size product samples of the value engineered signage. The Anchor Sign manufactured signage was presented during the daytime as well as illuminated at night to ensure that the value engineering in no way diminished the brand or store visibility.

In conclusion, the Anchor Sign value engineering review of the Meijer exterior signage product line produced an increase in signage visibility, a reduction in energy consumption, longer lasting product life, increased product warranties, and a 20% reduction in Meijer’s overall signage spend.

The Benefits

  • 20% signage spend cost reduction
  • Longer lasting product life
  • Anchor Sign achieved for Meijer an increase in signage visibility, a reduction in energy consumption, longer lasting product life, and provided increased product warranties, all with a 20% signage spend cost reduction.