Anchor Sign Recycling Program

We operate the largest fleet of company-owned trucks and trailers in the sign industry, consuming more than 210,000 gallons of fuel and traveling over 1.1 million miles in an average year. This fuel consumption and mileage contribute significantly to our carbon footprint and we routinely look for ways to reduce our environmental impact.

The results of our on-going research and strategic sustainability initiatives include the implementation of fleet efficiency programs with logistics and shipping optimization, reduction in truck idling times, as well as tire inflation monitoring systems and regular tire checks for our entire fleet.  Our home office, manufacturing facilities and regional installation hubs across the country, produce a variety of waste and recyclable materials. We have implemented a strategic reduction and recycling system to help us minimize our environmental footprint by diverting as much as possible from the waste stream. In our most efficient year to date we recycled 279 tons of steel, aluminum and plastic as well as over 1,100 gallons of oil.